Diffusing All Day

January 2, 2021 | clean living, oils

Simply put: diffusing all day can really change the mood, mindset, and health of you and your home!

Diffusing All Day

January 2, 2021 | clean living, oils


Diffuse All Day!

When my kit first showed up in the mail, one of the FIRST things I did was plug in my diffuser! I will say it over and over again, this lifestyle needed to be simple for it to work for me. Diffusing does just that! Push a button, walk away. I love how it makes my house smell, how it makes my kids breathe, how it helps me sleep, how it sets a vibe in my home… yes please. 

So how do diffusers work, anyway? There’s a lot of diffuser situations out there, but Young Living takes the cake. Our diffusers are ultrasonic, meaning the way they diffuse allows the oils to disperse into the air without losing any of their benefits. Young Living’s diffusers also boast amazing quality. They have a 0.05% defect rate! (Industry standard is 5%. Big difference there!) Plus with their year warranty, you’re just covered well.

When the diffuser sends those unicorn tears into the air, they reach our brain within 22 seconds! The smells stimulate our amygdala and limbic system. In fact, some of these areas in our brain can only be reached by smell, making oil usage and diffusing so powerful. Diffusing oils can stimulate our brain or calm it down, clear negative pathways and support emotions, cleanse and purify the air around us, and simply get oils into our bodies in an easy way!

Simply put: diffusing all day can really change the mood, mindset, and health of you and your home!


Diffusing in the Morning

Diffusing in the morning can actually set our day up for success. Success at work, with our kids, getting our moods in check, etc. One of the first things I am aiming to do this year is make diffusing in the morning as much as a habit as making my coffee in the morning is. Anyone else relate? So let’s talk blends that are great pick me up in the morning!

Try Lemon and Peppermint to wake up and be sharp - Citrus Fresh for good moods - Thieves and Lime for a unique, inviting aroma.

Commit to firing up your diffusers first thing in the morning for a week and tell me you don’t feel better getting those smells going to start your day off right!




In the Car

Have y’all grabbed the Orb diffuser yet? Its stinking adorable, a tiny little accessory for your cup holder! It’ll pump out the good smells as you head to work, school, or out for morning errands (and with its USB cord, is also perfect for a little office space!) If you work in a place that doesn’t allow you to have your diffuser going next to you, definitely keep a diffuser in your car to get your body and mind set for the day! Guarantee you’ll notice a difference!

Have a kiddo who gets nervous before school? That was totally me as a child! Diffuse on the car ride to school, and even consider a sweet little diffuser bracelet so their oils can go with them on the bus and into the classroom. 

Some favorites for this: Awaken, Joy, Sacred Mountain, Motivation, Envision, Valor. They’re uplifting, invigorating, and help clear out those negative pathways your brain holds.
Start your day in a positive way!











Naptime Diffusing

Can I get a Hallelujah that oils can help with nap times?! 

To make this as easy as possible, I have a diffuser in each of my kid's rooms. The dewdrop, desert mist and kidscents diffusers are my favorite diffusers for kiddos rooms as they’re more tough and durable then some of our others. I toss a couple of drops of whatever oil I choose or they choose, top with water, diffuse in the room with the door closed as we get ready for rest time so their room is warm and inviting the second they walk in to rest and have some downtime or nap.

Try any of these: Peace & Calming + Orange | Gentle Baby + Lavender | Cedarwood + Frankincense | Sleepyize | Roman Chamomile + Lavender |

These are among the most popular choices but different oils work for different people based on their body chemistry. It’s ok to diffuse different oils on different days to see what you like best for your child(ren). 


Midday Pick Me Up

Raise your hand if you need a little midday pick-me-up! I know for me, I’ve usually spent most of the morning working or dealing with tiny humans. I’ve pushed my lunch a little too late hustling for that naptime. And my happy coffee feels are starting to fade. My brain and body just need a reset, so this is when I reach for two things - my NingXia Nitro and my diffuser! 

And what oils do I diffuse when I need to overcome my afternoon slump?
En-R-Gee + Orange to energize
Tangerine + Spearmint to uplift and invigorate
Rosemary + Orange + Peppermint for mental focus, energy, and a good mood
Motivation + Orange for all the peppy feels










After School/Work

What’s your after school/work  routine with oils? Do you/your kids come home tired and need a little boost? Maybe they’re still wound up? Need some help concentrating to crank out homework or refocus for the next part of the day?

Consider hitting the button a few minutes before you kids hop off the bus. Or, let them be part of the after school diffuser routine! So empowering to let our kids become part of the routine and teach them to reach for the oils they need!

A couple options for after school:
•Calming: Grounding and Orange
•Grumpy Gus: Palo Santo and Northern Lights Black Spruce
•For Fun: The Root Beer blend: 5 drops Stress Away, 3 drops Wintergreen, 1 drop Peppermint
•Homework Time: Some blends are made specifically for this - Clarity, Brain Power, GeneYus and these are some single oils that pair well with them - Vetiver, Lemon, Frankincense.

If your family needs some down time after a full day, diffusing is a welcome complement to this too!
Stress Away + Lime
Cedarwood + Surrender
Good old Frankincense

That time is such a key part of my day to take a breath, get dinner going, and pour myself a Ningxia bomb to get me through the rest of the day. I always stick a fave blend in the Aria; it wafts through my kitchen and living room and perks me up too! My "make it to dinner time" faves include:
Rosemary + Valor + Clary Sage
Cinnamon Bark + Vanilla
Lemongrass + Lavender
Patchouli + Jade Lemon


Bedtime Diffuser Magic 

Diffusing for sleep is one of the first things I got in the habit of when I became an oiler because who in the world would not want solid sleep and if these oils can make it happen without any medication or side effects, why not?!

Staple go-to’s in the diffuser for sleep from kids to adult:
For kids, SleepyIze for general restful sleep, Dream Catcher for the tougher cases or anyone struggling with bad dreams (miracle worker, let me tell you!). For us adults, Lavender and Cedarwood is a go-to blend or a blend of Cedarwood, Orange and Frankincense.




Cleaning Your Diffuser

Did you know you're supposed to clean your diffuser? I shoot for cleaning mine every week, but realistically it happens every 2-3 weeks. Better than nothing, right? I just grab them all from around my house, line them up on the counter, and clean those babies!

Here’s specific cleaning instruction to follow that will keep your warranty intact:

Add a capful of rubbing alcohol and distilled water and use a brush (toothbrush works great!) to clean the silver plate. Then wipe around the rest. Rinse and scrub the stains on rim with a drop of Lemon, rinse, and then diffuse. I’ve found wiping the cones with a Seedlings wipe or a pump of Thieves Foaming Hand Soap gives them extra shine, too!

Cleaning your diffuser allows it to work better and longer. Regular maintenance helps diffusers last longer and aromas remain distinct without carryover from the previous diffuser blend. While I do not always do this, it is nice to dump out any remaining water, give it a quick rinse, and wipe it out.



Well there you have it! Bust out that diffuser and fire it up! Enjoy!