About Me

I'm Kelsie! My coffee order is iced with some hazelnut. Music of choice is country. Don't judge. I'm happiest at the beach but love a good thunderstorm on my own porch. Right now I'm a work at home mama to two, homeschool one of them, and have a major crush on my hubby of 8 years. We are Illinois natives currently on a new adventure in North Texas! I'm an ex-2nd grade teacher turned oil slinger and sometimes still look around and wonder how I got here. (I mean, I know it was God but the details are a blur.) Five years ago I grabbed a kit of oils and found purpose and freedom like never before. Turns out wellness should be simple and I'm on a mission to share just that. I also fell in love with the power social media brings to business, and am a content creator at a content marketing agency! I’m insanely passionately about helping women show up for their lives. Show up in their faith. Show up in their families. Show up in their careers. Show up in their dreams. Show up in their decisions. Not living in fear but running freely in your gifts and purpose. I believe there’s magic in showing up for your life because I saw what happened when I showed up for mine. 


I believe there’s magic in showing up for your life because I saw what happened when I showed up for mine.


My People

I'm married to my dream guy, Matt. We met in college and it took us two first dates to figure it out but here we are.  We have two kids (Piper & Hutchy) and are in that part of parenting right now where we drink a lot of coffee and pull our hair out but also smile and take a thousand videos because we know its going to fly. These people are my favorite, my safe place, my sanctifying labor, and I think I can sum up our whole fam with that quote: "As for me and my crazies, we will serve the Lord."



My Work



Three years ago I grabbed a kit of oils and it turned into the best job I never saw coming. That sounds so cheesy, I get that. But those oils started doing things for my family, so I started talking about it. I had thought you needed to milk your own cow and be a pioneer to use them well, but boy was I wrong. And so, this massive passion grew for making oils simple and approachable because I realized they were! In fact, I constantly say "I want oils to be so approachable that you can have oils in one hand and Doritos in the other." Here's that full story.  

 And family after family jumped on board. In April of 2018 I quit my job and Young Living became my full time gig. I get to share wellness, cheer others on to freedoms, have found such beautiful community, and a purpose that was really lacking beforehand. Looking back now I see how God was orchestrating it. We lead a tribe of nearly 900 families who said "Yes, I want that for my family!" And we'd love to have you too. Families gaining freedoms in their health, their homes, their paychecks. Mamas, dads, boss babes, grandparents, college students... there's a place for everyone. We hang out over in The Grove, our oily community. 




As I built my Young Living business, I began to see the power that social media can harness in a business. I’ve become passionate about how social media can be used to build a community, provide value, create connection, and yes - grow a business! So I started to dream about ways I could serve others in this space. Around that time, a good friend of ours launched a Content Marketing Agency. He brought me on board to serve our clients, especially in the social media realm. And I love it! You can find us at https://www.austinsavage.co.


My Reason


While I'm far from perfect, my goal is for every part of my story to be told for His glory. Jesus Christ changed my life in the fall of 2009 and I'll never be the same. My marriage is because of Him. My parenting is because of Him. My business is because of Him. He used something I thought weird and foolish to strip me of pride and show me His goodness. All credit due.  I'll run faithfully in the lanes He's placed me with the gifts He gave me until my time is up or He changes the lane.