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Elderberry Syrup
September 18, 2019 | oils

I added another level of crunch to my hippie ways recently. I'm always up for learning about any natural, proactive wellness tool, and elderberry syrup is a common one many of my circles use! I'd never made it before but our Grove tribe decided to do a big virtual hang out where we all could...

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Meal Prep Staples
August 8, 2019 | meals

One of the best things my mama taught me was how to plan ahead and prep, prep, prep. I can still remember us being on rotation for who would brown the ground beef, or waking up to a Saturday chore list that including making blueberry muffins, fruit cups, and the classic Sunday morning egg...

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Homeschool Faves
May 22, 2019 | homeschool

Its the end of May, its sunshiney (today...hello Illinois), and summer is SO. CLOSE. I don't count down the days as actively as I did when I was teaching, but its still one of my favorite times of year. And even though school is on the way out for the year, I wanted to share some of our favorite...

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Calming Evening Routines
March 3, 2019 | oils

You know the drill. It’s 6:30 pm, dinner is done, and you’re glancing at the clock wondering how to keep the humans calm til bedtime. Maybe it doesn’t go that way at your house, but these faves are wonderful regardless to calm all the things as the day winds down!      IN THE DIFFUSER Get...

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Instant Pot Faves
January 6, 2019

We recently renovated our kitchen, and one aspect I wanted to change was our appliance collection. What do we really use, how can we streamline, what needs to stay and can go? I'd say the most used appliances in our kitchen are the toaster oven (we did a trial period without a microwave and...

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Postpartum & Oils
December 12, 2018 | oils

Our oils journey began right around the time our oldest daugher turned one. We have loved having this arsenal as she's continued to grow, but I was so thankful to have oils since day one with our second. I've been getting alot of questions about what oils we're using, if its different this time...

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Hutchy's Birth Day
November 18, 2018 | life

If I learned anything since becoming a mom, its that the details get fuzzy fast. (And the coffee gets cold fast, too.) So, I'm documenting Hutchy's birth story here so its not lost in the recesses of my brain and so that he has it someday! Also because I'm a sucker for a birth story... I'll say...

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I Didn't Know
October 18, 2018 | Oils, Life

I had NO idea. Until I did. And to me, the conversation can’t be about shame or judgement. But it sure can be about awareness. The New York Mag published an article two days ago that formaldehyde (ingredient in tons of our lotions, baby products, candles, plug ins, perfumes, etc.) is a cause of...

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Magnolia Round Up
May 15, 2019 | life, travel

Matt surprised me with a trip to Dallas for my 30th birthday, complete with a stop at The Silos in Waco. An avid Chip + Jo fan, I wanted to squeeze every bit out of that day and set out to research #allthethings. It ended up being an amazing visit! If you ever get the chance, GO! Here's all the...

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Creating Little Writers
October 23, 2018 | homeschool

So many of you wanted to know more about this journal, so here's the details! It's nothing fancy, but it really is my favorite part of our school day. For those of you who don't know, we began "homeschool preschool" this year with my almost-four year old. I wasn't quite ready to commit to pick...

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Fave Freezer Meals
October 28, 2018 | meals

First baby. Decorate nursery. Pack 15 hospital outfits. Wash all new clothes. Hang onesies on cute matching pink hangers. Second baby. FILL THE FREEZER. Ok, perhaps a bit of a stretch to make the point. The little man does have clean clothes, don't worry. But I knew this time around, I'd be...

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Tell Me What You Do
October 24, 2018 | oils

"Tell me what you do." That's what she asked me. "Tell me what you do to stay healthy! I'm desperate!"  That's probably the number one question I get asked about oils, and my favorite to share about. Its SO STINKING SIMPLE. You can do it, easily. Here's the plan. Your daily routine: Support...

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Chickening Out
October 24, 2018 | meals

Ever have those weeks or months you've got to tighten up the grocery budget? I think it really proves how innovative and savvy we can be. When that's the case over here, we do the chicken week. THIS is #budgetlyfe on the real real. I learned this from my friend Kimber (get you a friend like...

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Oils in One Hand, Doritos in the Other
October 23, 2018 | oils

Doritos in one hand, oils in the other. Can I tell you a story? Way back, three years ago, when I was poking around at essential oils, I had NO clue what they were. But, I wanted some more tools in my mom bag so I grabbed a starter kit. And when I did I met all these amazing people. But they...

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Pregnancy + Jesus
September 26, 2018 | Life

If I'm being honest (which I try to be here often, there's enough highlight reels) its been a rough season lately. Lets preface that by saying I am so incredibly thankful for this pregnancy, this little life, and the chance to grow our family.  But holy refining, batman. Days upon days of...

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A Pink Wall
September 3, 2018 | Life, Oils

A PINK wall! I never thought I’d get to have a pink wall in my house, but here I am living the dream.  This pink wall is in my sweet little office. When Matt renovated our basement last year, I got to stake out my corner. Oh the stories that pink wall could tell.  See, two years ago I was a...

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The Skinny on Skin
July 20, 2018 | Oils

Skin. Its our largest organ so when it needs a little help, we usually notice big time. This was actually one of the reasons I got into oils - my little girl's skin needed some lovin' - so here's a few things we've learned along the way!  ‚ú®Lavender, Frank, and Tea Tree are some of the basics...

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