Favorite Christmas Books!

December 16, 2019 | homeschool

Nothing fancy, just a stack of books. Simple magic.

Favorite Christmas Books!

December 16, 2019 | homeschool

I love children's books! Blame it on my education degree, blame it on my mama, but there's nothing like a big old stack of kids books. So one of my favorite things to do when we decorate for Christmas is to pull out my box of Christmas books. I have found that leaving a jolly stack of them on my kids' level brings some snuggle lapfuls of reading throughout the season.


Nothing fancy, just a stack of books. Simple magic. I even remember reading a post from a mom I dearly admire who shared that while she hasn't ever been able to keep up with all the advent activities, she can read her kids one Christmas book each day and that's held some sweet memories for their family!


I gift a book to each of my kids with their Christmas pjs each year. My sister in law started a tradition of a book as a gift each year too, so our collections grows a little more each year. There's still plenty of time to grab a few for stockings or presents this year!


Here are some of our current favorites. Click the picture or title for the link!



Room for a Little One: one of my favorite favorites. We received this as a gift when Piper was born and now Hutch enjoys it too. Told from the perspective of the stable animals, its a sweet cozy story about Jesus being born. Even big kids will pick up on the bigger story going on.



Touch and feel books are so helpful as tiny ones learn to sit and enjoy a book being read to them. This Usborne touchy feely book was in Hutch's Christmas PJ's gift this year and he LOVES it. And Piper can read it to him, win win! 

One Night In Bethlehem is a precious story told from the perspective of a boy wishing he could have been there the night Jesus was born, but ends with a sweet reminder of how we can worship Jesus right here today. 



The Garden, The Curtain, and The Cross: I will shamelessly plug this book til the day I die. While its typically an Easter book, I added it to our stack this year because its a fantastic conversation about why Jesus even came to this world, and helps us see Christmas through the lens of God's great redemption story! Can I get an amen!!



Beginner's Bible Christmas Story: These little books were a gift from our church's Children's Ministry a few years ago. The Beginner's Bible is one of our favorite kid Bibles and this book just takes the Christmas story passages out of the big Bible and packages them here. Its also super inexpensive so perfect if you need multiple gifts or as a stocking stuffer!



A Christmas themed wipe clean activity book!

These will keep my preschooler busy for quite awhile and are AWESOME for car trips! 



I don't have links for all of these, but my kids also adore seeing their favorite characters in the stack. Nothing wrong with some fun little Toy Story, Llama Llama, or other childhood faves! I think it'll be so fun someday when they're older or I pass these on to their tiny families, and their kids can see the beloved characters of their mom and dad. 


I've only just skimmed the surface, but I hope these give you sweet memories as a family!

Merry Christmas, friend!


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