Postpartum & Oils

December 12, 2018 | oils

I've been getting alot of questions about what oils we're using, if its different this time around, etc. so here's my answer, in a little note from me to you.

Postpartum & Oils

December 12, 2018 | oils

Our oils journey began right around the time our oldest daugher turned one. We have loved having this arsenal as she's continued to grow, but I was so thankful to have oils since day one with our second. I've been getting alot of questions about what oils we're using, if its different this time around, etc so here's my answer, in a little note from me to you.

I'll write another post soon on my pregnancy routine and hospital bag list, but for now lets start on day one. Hutchy's birth day. The recovery begins. 

Postpartum Recovery

Physically, this recovery was smoother. My doctor kept telling me what a difference it makes when you're body is healthier to begin with. So thankful for the lifestyle we have now: toxin free products, oil infused supplements, and the general proactive mindset we've been able to develop. To support my body as it recovered I loved:

- Soaking in baths with epsom salts + lavender + cypress

- L. brand pads; they're free of many toxins and fragrances

- ClaraDerm Spray was so soothing as a postpartum spray in the nether regions ;) But seriously. So soothing.

- Witch Hazel pads. I'm just not a DIY-er so I grabbed these and added about 20 drops of lavender, shook well, and lined my pads with them for extra soothing

- Tender Tush not only is great for your sweet babe's bottom, but helps a ton as a nipple cream

- The Deep Relief roller lived up to its name. I used it on my lower back as my muscles recovered from labor, and its incredibly helpful to roll on my shoulder blades and neck as I nurse, rock, bounce, and carry a babe.



Emotionally, wow. THIS is where I want to shout from the mountaintops. I want everyone to have this support if they want it! I struggled so much after having my first, and was very apprehensive going into a second postpartum season. It was so reassuring to have tools to support my emotions ready to go! I've been using and loving:

- Progessence Plus. This came to the hospital with me and I began using it the day I delivered! Its really balancing to hormones.

- Valor, Joy + White Angelica. I wear all three daily. I feel so much better when I have them on. Our sense of smell is one of the only ways our amygdala & memories/emotions can be reached - so much science behind the emotional support aspect of oils!  

- Frankincense. Holy nervous system hug. In those first weeks when night would come, I would feel so worried and stressed. Pressing a drop to the roof of my mouth was crazy helpful.

- Peace & Calming. I've loved this one after nighttime feedings. After I lay Hutch down, I rub a drop through my hair and crawl back in bed. It helps me calm down and fall right to sleep.



And like any new mama knows, energy is a precious commodity. The biggest and most surprising gamechanger for me has been Super B! I began taking this consistently around week 3 and noticed a big shift in my emotions and energy levels. Poppin that every day now!  My other daily fave is what I like to affectionately call the 

Zyng Bomb:

-1 can Zyng

-1 tube Nitro

-2 oz Ningxia Red

-on ice

Soooooo good. Clears my head, wakes me up, and doesn't come with the harsh caffeine affects on his little tummy or the crash for me after! I look forward to it every day!

Baby Love

Now, how about little babe? Loving these sweet oils to support his body, his sleep, his immune system, and more.

Baby Products

The Seedlings line is a dream. Diaper cream, wipes, baby wash, linen spray... love it all. Overdue babies often have extra dry + peeling skin and the baby oil has been so moisturzing! 


I love diffusing Lavender, Cedarwood, or Gentle Baby in his room. Its sweet and cozy for him AND me!

My absolute favorite routine has been rubbing a drop of oil between my hands and wiping it all over his blanket before rocking him to sleep. Just the sweetest. And suede or wooden beaded paci clips are perfect for little diffusers attached to your babe all the time! 

Happy Tummies

Probably the hardest battle so far is his tiny tummy. Sometimes its hard for babies' stomachs to adjust to the outside world way of eating! Two things that have been supportive:

Rolling Tummygize around his little belly. I just added one drop of the oil to a roller and filled it the rest of the way with coconut oil. I roll it on each time I change his diaper.

I also made a massage oil with Seedlings baby oil + a drop of Roman Chamomile. This oil is historically known for calming and soothing babies. I made this late one night after some desperate research. Its part of our routine before bed (his stomach makes him more worked up at night) and we're making strides! I also added a digestive enzyme (Essentialzymes-4) into my routine to help him digest and break down his food better!



Sweet little babes are such joy, but hard work too!

Listen mama, you don't have to fight through your days feeling foggy and dark. You just don't. 

Grateful beyond words for these tools to support our home and bodies.