What Are Oils

In the simplest terms? (And we like to keep it simple…) They’re plant juice!


What our blood is to our body, essential oils are to the plants. We get oils by distilling parts of the plants so that’s left is a highly concentrated version of the oil. Lavender comes from a lavender plant, peppermint from a peppermint leaf, lemon from a lemon rind, etc. Oils have teeny tiny molecules so they enter our bodies quickly, unlike the fattier oils like coconut or olive. An essential oil can be everywhere in your body within 20 minutes!


I think you’d agree plants are good for us, right? (How many times did your mom tell you to eat your broccoli?) Oils come from plants, and are also amazing for our health and wellness. Essential oils help our body function the way they were meant to and support so many systems of our bodies.

The main question I had when I found oils was “how do I use these things?!” Great question. It’s so simple.




You can rub them on your skin.  (the fancy word for that is topical use.)


You can smell them and diffuse them. (fancy word: aromatic use)


You can add them to your water, a spoonful of honey, a smoothie, a veggie capsule, etc. (aka ingest them)


Pro tip though - not all oils are created equally. We chose Young Living for many reasons:

  • Young Living has been around for over 20 years and is the world leader in this industry.
  • Young Living oils are “beyond organic” – check out their seed to seal process here.
  • A bottle only needs to have 7% of essential oil inside to be labeled "pure therapeutic grade" by FDA laws - which means the oils you're grabbing off shelves at stores are full of unknown ingredients. None of that for my family!
  • The only thing showing up in your Young Living bottle is plain plant juice. 70% of their batches are recycled onto fields because they don't meet their high standards to bottle and distribute.
  • Young Living owns their farms, grows plants in their natural habitat, and lets you come visit anytime! I love that open door policy. Learn more about Young Living's farms here
  • Young Living completes rigorous testing on their oils and products so you are getting the purest form possible. Their seed to seal process is unique and second to none. Learn more about the seed to seal process here. 
  • Young Living has the widest offerings of essential oils and blends.
  • Young Living vitality oils are safe to ingest.


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