The Premium Starter Kit

Wondering, "where do I start?" Young Living put together the perfect place to begin: a starter kit! The premium starter kit is a collection of 12 oils that are versatile, full of everyday uses, and applicable for every life stage. It also comes with a diffuser (hooray!), Thieves Hand Purifier & Spray, and some samples + literature.  The best part? You get over $350 of goodness for just $165. (That's less than $15 a bottle plus a free diffuser. Dude.) Think of your starter kit as a wholesale membership. You'll also get 24% off retail price and your own account. Grab yours here.

Let's break down what comes inside:


The Oils


Calming and relaxing. Sleep magic. Great for skin. Lash lengthener. The swiss army knife of oils, when in doubt - use it!


Energizing and uplifting. Supportive to the sinuses. Aids in memory retention. Cools and soothes.


Sunshine in a bottle. Uplifting and refreshing. Gently detoxes. Delicious in your water. Natural cleaning.


The unicorn one. Emotional support. Calms nerves. Kicks out snoring. Smells amazing.


The holy grail. Amazing for skin support and that dewy glowy look. So supportive to the nervous system and emotions.


Supportive to muscle and joints. Refreshing during and after workouts. Soothing for growing limbs.


Digestive system hero. Massage onto abdomen after large meals or for occasional nausea.

Citrus Fresh

Uplifting and happy. Neutralizes odors. Diffuse during homework or "the witching hour."


The hulk for your immune system. Keeps you healthy. Diffuse to purify the air. Sip in hot tea for soothing immune support.


Respiratory system support. Makes a wonderful chest rub. Opens sinuses and refreshes. Invigorating before a workout.


The tranquilizer dart. Sleep magic. Soothing to tantrums. Wonderful for kids.

Stress Away

Vacation in a bottle. Soothing and stress relieving. Supports a healthy blood pressure level. Supports great sleep.

A Diffuser

Diffusing oils is a fan favorite way to use them. Its the easy button:
fill the diffuser, push the button, walk away. It continues to do its thing for hours at a time. Whether you're creating a relaxing bedtime atmosphere for good sleep, protecting your home and family with immune supporting blends, or just enjoying the amazing smells, its a vital part of any home. Diffusers provide a simple way to ditch candles with harmful side effects without sacrificing the vibe. Young Living's diffusers come with the highest perfomance ratings on the market and a year warranty. And the candlelight flicker? Yes please.

Ningxia Red

Pop those little packets in the fridge and drink them before work or after lunch.
Ningxia Red is an antioxidant loaded drink that supports every system of your body, provides stellar energy, and keeps you healthy. Its such a convenient way to flood your body with nutrients and benefits.  Check out more at


The premium starter kit is the most effective way to begin. Its the best bang for your buck and sets you up to win. One oil? It won't change your life. The starter kit? Now we're talking.

Watch the video below to see the starter kit unpacked.



Grab your starter kit

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