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I'd be honored to have you join our tribe and get your oils with me! To do so, just click here

1. Leave the box marked member and make sure the number 3505143 is in both the enroller and sponsor spots.

2. On the next screen, choose Premium Starter Kit (it’ll already be selected) and choose your diffuser. (The Desert Mist and Aria diffusers are my absolute favorites.)

3. Fill out your info and you're set!

Once you've checked out, we'll get you connected to our community and Facebook groups, plus hooked up with our team's resources.


Essential Rewards

After selecting your starter kit, customize your optional essential rewards autoship. ER is Young Living's frequent buyer box, helping you make a simple monthly commitment to health and wellness. 

Sure ER is optional, but its the secret to the real life change. Its simple - just take what you already buy at conventional stores (like laundry detergent, baby lotion, make up, dish soap...) and switch it over to Young Living. Their clean ingredients have changed our family's health! ER allows you to easily have toxin-free home, focus on proactive health, keep a wellness arsenal stocked and ready, and always be selecting products that are the bomb-diggity. 
🌿You get to pick your products every month. 
🌿You get major perks like cheaper shipping, free gifts along the way, and tons of points back.  
🌿You get access to exclusive products that you can only get on ER
🌿You can cancel anytime with no fee. 

Personally? I love it because I don’t have to leave my house to get what I need, I don’t have to read ingredients in the store aisles since I already trust YL’s standards, and I’ve earned so much for free.

My favorite recommendations for your first ER box? Thieves Household Cleaner, Cedarwood essential oil, Life 9 probiotic, and some Thieves Hand Purifier. Email me at if you have some specific health goals.



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