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Savvy Minerals Makeup

Besides oils and wellness staples, you can also join Young Living with a Savvy Minerals starter kit - toxin free, gorgeous makeup. Timeless shades, buildable coverage, ingredients that make your skin healthier as you wear it. Its makeup that goes on in the morning and is still ready to rock into the evening. 

The average woman puts on 515 synthetic chemicals a day.
You don't have to.

Each starter kit includes


+misting spray

+foundation brush


+lip gloss

+three complimentary eyeshadows

+5ml Lavender essential oil

Choose from four different color palettes available.



You can grab your Young Living membership with a Savvy Minerals starter kit.

Just click here

1. Leave the box marked member

2. Choose "other premium starter kits" and select the color palette of your choice.

3. Fill out membership info and check out! 

Your Savvy Minerals starter kit gets you the same community, resources, education, tutorials, and more! I'd be honored to link arms with you for beautiful, fun makeup that's clean and beneficial.


Savvy Minerals makeup hosts dozens of gorgeous products like primer, eyeshadows, bronzers, blush, eyeliners, brushes, lipsticks, glosses, and more.
View all the beauty here!



Check out the video below to unbox the Savvy Starter kit and see some real life before and afters.

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