Cozy at Home Playlist

August 6, 2022 | life

Grab a warm mug and hit play. 

Cozy at Home Playlist

August 6, 2022 | life

What is it about a good playlist that just hits right? As we head into a new school year and new routines, I wanted a fresh playlist to have on the background of our day to day. Here's mine, and you're welcome to borrow it. If you're into a perfectly random mix of Jesus loving hymns mixed with some classic movie soundtracks and a dash of early 2000's hits, you're in the right place.

Listen here.



Not on spotify? Here's the song list:

1. It Is Well With My Soul: Anthem Lights

2. Good Good Father: Anthem Lights

3. Slow Down: Nichole Nordeman

4. Gratitude: Brandon Lake

5. Growing Old With You: Restless Road

6. Je Cherce Un Homme: Eartha Kitt

7. The Lord's Prayer: The Village Kids

8. Beautiful Life: The Collection

9. Don't Know If I Believe It: JUDAH., Jon Foreman

10. How to Save a Life: The Fray

11. Mama Said: The Shirellees

12. Here Comes the Sun: The Beatles

13. Be Kind to Yourself: Andrew Peterson

14. Psalm 96: Vertical Worship

15. I Don't Want To Miss It: Ellie Holcomb