A Real Fine Place to Start

March 10, 2021 | clean living

So, where do you even start?

A Real Fine Place to Start

March 10, 2021 | clean living

One of the biggest misconceptions about clean living is that its complicated. And I suppose that could be true. But I've found that two things make a huge difference:

 - a community to guide you  

- easy trustworthy access 


For me, Young Living has been that for me! Our Grove community is such a fun space to get ideas or ask questions. And Young Living's store front is a one stop shop for me. I already know I can trust their ingredients so I don't need to spend precious time checking labels. 


Now hear this - you DON'T have to use solely Young Living to live clean. Basic ingredients like vinegar and baking soda play just fine. Brands like Shea Moisture, Beauty Counter, and Molly's Suds are lovely! 


I've simply found that Young Living is the most full-coverage one stop shop for me. With everything from vitamin C to laundry soap, baby shampoo to household cleaner - it simplifies my life. And I'm here for THAT!


Curious what Young Living has to offer?

Click the photo below to get an overview of the many categories you'll find at your fingertips. Make sure to scroll down for an easy printable shopping list comparison too!




Printable Shopping List

Don't give ditching and switching a second thought once you use this easy list. Use one side to find the items you typically buy, and find the Young Living clean comparison on the other!