A Fresh Week of Meals

July 12, 2020 | meals

some easy favorites to gather around this week

A Fresh Week of Meals

July 12, 2020 | meals

We just got home from eight days away to visit family and friends! Today I'm resetting all the things, including our grocery situation! Here's whats for dinner this week:



We always eat spaghetti on bath day, ha! No recipe here, but the Rao’s pasta sauce is my fave! Its a go to for days I need some easy that everyone loves. I get it at Costco!



This instant pot recipe is so so good! We discovered it on Mother’s Day and have enjoyed it ever since. The rub is divine!



Taco Tuesday

Another no recipe meal. I use whatever is on hand - chicken, ground beef, ground turkey, you name it. I’m going to make cilantro rice this week too. Mine is from Rachel Hollis’ cookbook that I’ll link below, I love it. Then pile up whatever toppings you like and be blessed.

Real Life Dinners cookbook


Italian Sausage Paleo Soup


I’m nearly drooling while typing this. My favorite soup recipe of all time! Its all the right levels of sweet, spicy, savory, and perfect.



Pizza Night

Every Thursday we make pizza and watch a movie! This homemade dough has become our go to - easy and yummy!



Burgers and Fries

The backyard grill summer meal. Sweet potato fries make my world go round! Slice up sweet potatoes in fry shaped slices, toss them in olive oil, and sprinkle on a little paprika and salt. Spread on a foil-lined sheet and bake at 425 for about 15-20 minutes or until crispy. Good AND good for you!


Happy eating!