Our Visual Schedule

July 31, 2019

I probably could have titled this "an Ennegram 3's guide to surviving the day" because I just NEED rhythm and structure in my day. #confessionsofa3

Our Visual Schedule

July 31, 2019

When I shared these cards in a recent Instagram story, tons of you wanted to know more! This kind of stuff makes my heart skip a beat (lolz) so I'm glad to share. ;) I probably could have titled this "an Ennegram 3's guide to surviving the day" because I just NEED rhythm and structure in my day. And while my kids don't need to be structured down to the minute, I do notice they function better when we've got a flow to our day!

And that's exactly what these cards provide: a general flow. Not too rigid, but gives us some tracks to run on. A few notes:

  • I don't attach times to the cards. (In my head I have a general idea, but it varies depending on whether the baby wakes up at 7 or 7:15, etc.) 
  • I wrote down everything already set in our day - kids' wake up times, nap times, bed times, meals
  • Then I envisioned what I wanted our day to hold, and sorted our day into segments of those different activities 
  • We aren't robots. Sometimes we just completely chuck the plan but this is our home base we return to

So, here's what our day looks like!



My kids wake up around 7/7:15. We have one of the alarm clocks that turn green when its time to come out of your room so my 4 year old responds to that. The baby, well, you know. But now that he's older and has some sleep training, 7 is the usual. PS No right or wrong way to  all that, its just what my husband and I prefer for our house and rhythm! It gives me a chance to get up before the kids, read the Word, fill our diffusers, get some coffee, eat in peace, and just be prepared to be a nice human all the day long. :) 


Play By Yourself

This is a big one for me. I love to spend time with my kids but its also important to me that they can play alone, be bored, use their imagination, and do some problem solving to find something to do. I've found it helps if there are set parts of the day she is expected to do this. Real talk: I'd always rather do something more adult than sit and play, but parenting has nothing to do with just doing what makes me happy. #canIgetanamen Anyway, this schedule helps me AND my daughter so we have clear expectations of that balance. She plays alone (and the baby crawls around wreaking havoc) while I empty the dishwasher, clean up breakfast, drink coffee, check emails, etc.

After that, we brush teeth, do hair, get dressed, straighten up her room, and get ready to take on the day! I really love the chance to start the day slowly. When she starts preschool, this will change a bit but for now, it works!


Morning Basket

This is becoming my favorite part of our day! You can go down a rabbit hole by searching the hashtag #morningbasket on instagram and find some amazing ideas. This was my first go at it, so I kept it simple. Basically, its a basket of things we grab that get our heart centered on God, our brain working a little, and just carves some intentional time together to start our day. I plan to share more in depth about it soon, but here's an overview.

We sit on the living room floor and:

-read a Bible story

- practice a Bible verse

- do some math/puzzle/counting

- this month she has a little activity from Everyday Learn and Play that practices spelling her first and last name

- do a magnet shapes puzzle game

After that, we may go outside, go for a walk, etc. and then she has some more play on her own time while I get the baby settled, down for nap, switch a load of laundry, etc.


School with Mom

My oldest will go to Pre-K this year but we do some learning and intentional school time at home too! 

Here's a post with all our homeschool faves. Love watching her learn and grow!


Special Activity & Play

After school, she has a special activity she gets to do. This is nothing magical, y'all. As seen here, she's just painting her plastic dinosaurs. Easy! I have a bunch of posts bookmarked from these two instagram accounts:

Busy Toddler

Days with Grey

Or I set up something from Everyday Learn and Play's monthly sets! (LOVE THESE!)

This is time when I am not playing or helping her out. I may get her started but then she can do these independently while I work or take care of some things around the house. When she gets done she heads off to play. 


After that, the baby usually wakes up, we sit on the couch with a book while I feed him, and then we do lunch. After that its just mommy + kids play time or an errand til afternoon naps & quiet time. When her clock turns green after quiet time, I have another activity (see above!) out for her to do. Once the baby wakes up, this is usually just our white space in the day to run to Target, go to the library, play outside again, or whatever until Dad gets home from work and we eat dinner.


Reasons I have loved this rhythm and vibe:

  • I love that phrase "discipline leads to desire, and desire leads to delight." I want our family to desire and delight in things like spending time with God, knowing His Word, using our minds to learn, and spending time together. Putting these types of aspects into a loose schedule gives us the discipline to do these things, and from there I pray they will take up roots in desire to do them forever!

  • I work from home, and its easy to be caught up in alwasy grabbing my phone, doing a task here or there, but doing things like that rarely is genuinely productive for me. This routine gives ME clear cut space where I feel free to NOT work, but also times where "mom is working" and that's ok.

  • Structure brings a lot better attitudes to our entire family
  • Greatly limits the "MomCanIWatchAShowImHungryCanIHaveASnack" commentary ;) 

Hey friend, YOU know best what will work for your home. God made you the mama of your family on purpose and holds the wisdom you need to be just that! I hope you find this helpful and it inspires you to create days and rhythms that work for YOU! 



Click HERE or on the picture for the printable file! 


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