Magnolia Round Up

May 15, 2019 | life, travel

Take the trip, buy the ticket, make the drive. 

Magnolia Round Up

May 15, 2019 | life, travel

Matt surprised me with a trip to Dallas for my 30th birthday, complete with a stop at The Silos in Waco. An avid Chip + Jo fan, I wanted to squeeze every bit out of that day and set out to research #allthethings. It ended up being an amazing visit! If you ever get the chance, GO! Here's all the deets:

Magnolia Table

I knew without a doubt I wanted to eat breakfast at Magnolia Table. During my pregnancy with Hutch, we watched a lot of Fixer Upper while I was sick and resting. (Kid friendly and way more entertaining than PJ Masks, right?!) The restaurant episode was really sweet to see, and the real life did NOT disappoint. I had the Farm Eggs Benedict with
the juice flight and will taste those biscuits in my dreams forever.

- Arrive as early as you're able. We got there at 8:00 am and were seated by 9:30 am. Head to the white tent where you'll put in your name and be set up with. a text to notify you that your table is ready.

-Its an easy wait; there is gorgeous outdoor seating, a walk up coffee + juice bar, blocks/games for kids, and a gift shop.

-The Silos are a few miles away, so you could go hang there and come back when your text alerts you.





Amazing atmosphere, out of this world food, and great staff. Definitely make the stop!

The Silos


When we walked in I told Matt, "buy me a bed, I'll just live here." Ha! It was beautiful, welcoming, and every attention given to detail per usual! We found a street parking spot down the road but there are also paid parking lots close by if needed. I was surprised that it was right in the town with churches and schools across the street - I'd always pictured it out of town in an open space. It was so great to see it in person.

The shop is what you'd imagine: amazingly curated, the set up phenomenal. Wreaths, trays, decor, Jimmy Don signs, wearables, florals, jewelry, so much to browse. Be sure to check what's on sale that day too - stems and flowers were all 25% off when we visited! 
*Word to the wise - they no longer ship home! We were able to fit most of our picks in suitcases, but there were a few larger items we just bought online and shipped home. (You can get a 15% off coupon by signing up for their emails if you need to go that route.)








The Magnolia Bakery is tucked another corner. Be sure to go get some cupcakes! (The line moved quickly for us, but we visited on a Monday so I can't speak to weekends.) I chose the strawberry and Matt did carrot cake. You might want some other food in your stomach too - sugar rush is a real thing!

Food trucks also line an area within the Silo space. There's even a Magnolia Table stop if you couldn't make it to the brick and mortar spot. The Magnolia blog gives a great line up of all the options here. Make SURE to grab the mason jar iced tea - its only $8 and the reusable mason jar with straw-friendly lid comes with you! Way cheaper than Amazon or Etsy options out there lately. 


The gardens and garden shop are quaint and cute. It was fun to see the real life grounds crew out in the plants and flowers. The shop is tiny but worth a peek - decorated adorably of course and full of fun plants and accessories!


The famous big green yard is so inviting! Bean bags for lounging, games for kids, shaded picnic tables for eating or cooling off - it basically beckons you to sit and stay awhile. We met up with our Garza fam pals and this was a great place for the kids to hang and run around while the adults took turns checking out all the fun. (Ok, ok, the dads hung with the kids while us girls shopped and cupcaked!) Oh and take sunglasses. You'll want them!

 Be sure to grab some pics at the #MilestoMagnolia photo opp too!
Its tradition to snap your pic and share how many miles you traveled to visit the Silos. Ours was 887!


Shop on Bosque

Drive the 10 miles over to Jo's original shop on Bosque for more fun! You can read the history of their journey in their book, "The Magnolia Story" where she shares more about that spot. Now, its full of deals like scratch + dent inventory and seasonal discounts. Definitely worth a stop in. Pro tip: there's no bathroom. ;) 


Next time we hit Waco (we will be back!) I'll definitely do a Waco tour. They'll show you the town, drive by some Fixer Upper homes, visit Harp Design Co, and more. Check it out if you go - The Silos won't take you all day! Or, follow this great blog post to see some past Fixer Upper gems yourself!


All in all, it was a perfect day! Take the trip, buy the ticket, make the drive. 

Thanks, boo, for making it happen. xo