Tell Me What You Do

October 24, 2018 | oils

It just feels SO good to have items on hand that you can jump to when you need them.

Tell Me What You Do

October 24, 2018 | oils

"Tell me what you do." That's what she asked me. "Tell me what you do to stay healthy! I'm desperate!" 

That's probably the number one question I get asked about oils, and my favorite to share about. Its SO STINKING SIMPLE. You can do it, easily. Here's the plan.

Your daily routine:

Support your immune system. Roll on immune boosting oils every day - up and down your/your kids' spines and on their feet. Set it on their nightstand and make it a nightly routine. Young Living has a pre-made thieves roller that's so easy, or you can make your own. I like to use Thieves, Frankincense, and Lemon or Oregano. 

Get good sleep. Diffusers are magic. Set it in the bedroom and add some Lavender + Cedarwood. Roll on a sleep roller with lavender & frankincense or just rub some on your wrists and feet. Stress Away is great too.


Diffusing Thieves daily. Get some Thieves & Citrus Fresh or Lemon rolling daily to clear the air and get more thieves in your body :) The diffuser is the easy button - push a button, walk away. Everyone wins.

Ningxia Powers. Drink Ningxia Red daily (check it out here). A delish fruity juice loaded with antioxidants. We all drink one ounce a day! Line up some shot glasses and go to town. A few packets come in your starter kit so you can try it out - pop them in the fridge first. We also love the Super C Chewables and Mightyvites from Young Living, amazing for kiddos. 


Chest Rub. We need a little help in the fall and winter! I love this for littles. Make a little rub with lavender, lemon, raven, and thieves. Add several drops to some coconut oil and store in a glass jar. Rub on their little feet and stick socks on. Need a quick help? Turn your shower on hot and throw some Raven or RC in the bottom of the tub. Breathe deep.


If we do get hit and feel run down, we drink some tea with Thieves in, put our oils on more often, diffuse more frequently, and just keep our bodies supported. It just feels SO good to have items on hand that you can jump to when you need them.


Don't have these tools on hand yet? You can get a great start just from the starter kit! Check it out.


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