Creating Little Writers

October 23, 2018 | homeschool

Its amazing what a child can write before they can even "write!"

Creating Little Writers

October 23, 2018 | homeschool

So many of you wanted to know more about this journal, so here's the details! It's nothing fancy, but it really is my favorite part of our school day.

For those of you who don't know, we began "homeschool preschool" this year with my almost-four year old. I wasn't quite ready to commit to pick ups and drop offs in the cold winter mornings with a newborn coming, so we decided to try some learning at home! Before you say "I could never" or "you're a saint," let me reassure you that its not all glamorous. I hung some adorable letters on the wall but most days I really have to pray through my selfishness because a bouncing 3 year old is tough to focus in. But so rewarding and fun, too. Oils + coffee help alot, y'all. And I definitely don't make up everything we do from scratch - there are so many simple resources out there, but more on that later!


Back to this journal. I really wanted to incorporate writing into our school day from a young age because I saw the power of literacy during my years as a second grade teacher. Reading and writing are massively connected and I spent a few years studying this while teaching. (Sidenote: This is one of my favorite leaders on the subject and if you're a teacher wanting to grow in creating a LOVE for literacy in your students, grab this book.)


Ok, so the journal. Its a simple part of our day that shows my daughter she is already a writer and already has stories to tell. Here's a few steps to get started:


Its amazing what a child can write before they can even "write!"

Step 1: Grab a composition journal. Its a great excuse for a Target run. Let the child decorate it and make it their own. Ownership is key!

Step 2: Carve out time to write each day. I used to tell my students "writers write, every day!" Grocery lists, texts, social media posts, a picture... its all writing.

Step 3: This is just my personal preference: plan it out. Each week when I map out our curriculum (I use Busy Toddler's Playing Preschool here and love the simplicity!) I make a journal idea for each day. Sometimes it goes along with what we're reading, the letter we're learning, a math concept we're exploring... and sometimes its just for fun!

Here are two amazing links that I got so much inspiration from:Teaching Two and Three Year Olds

The Princess and the Tot


The photos below show some basic ideas to get you started! We sit together and she writes! If its a picture she drew, I ask her to "tell me about your story" and I write down what she says verbatum. Then I read it back to her out loud and celebrate: "You're an amazing writer!" "Wow, you wrote your own story!" 

Also, let's debunk some myths real quick.

Yes, sometimes she complains. 

Yep, she gets bored.

Oh yeah, she may complain.

So we don't force it. We talk about the importance of hard work and doing our best. We chat about doing hard things and how it feels to accomplish something. Sometimes we just take a break and have snack. Don't be discouraged if its not angelic melodies the whole time... little writers are still little people, and they need to develop stamina too!








If you grab a journal, I'd love to hear about it!


One thing I know is certain. She's learning to be a writer. That her words matter and have value. And me? I'm collecting memories made of crayon smudges and stickers that will be mama treasures for days to come.


(A HUGE thank you to my friend Stefanie for her inspiration to teach my kids -both in my classroom and in my home - to be writers.)